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Can you let Megan know that M is doing really well at Envision Academy? He even made the honor roll. What a turn around! You guys were so instrumental in his current success.

– Parent

I wanted to let you know that my daughter did great on the SSAT and HSPT. She already had strong grades but the test prep you did with her boosted her test-taking confidence and skills. She ended up getting offers of admissions from College Prep, Lick Wilmerding, Marin Academy, and Bishop O’Dowd (O’Dowd even offered a scholarship based on her test scores and grades). She’ll be going to Lick next year. Thanks again for the great test prep!

– Parent, Berkeley

Thank you very much.  I LOVE Classroom Matters!  You make the difference so often for so many (just when they need you the most). God bless you!

– Parent

About 3 weeks before the semester end, N’s GPA for the semester had dropped to 2.4. We got Derek back and N worked really super hard…he finished with a 3.1. He’s already been accepted at 5 colleges…Thanks for all the flexibility and help Classroom Matters has provided during N’s high school years.

– M.L., Parent

Thank heavens for Classroom Matters! We have relied on their support to help both of our kids through Berkeley High. Over the years we have worked with them, they have done a superior job in finding excellent tutors who can connect and engage high school students. In addition to helping our kids through a sometimes very difficult urban high school, they also were a fountain of support and advice when we were tearing our hair out (not infrequently). I can’t say enough good about them…

– Mary Murtagh, Berkeley resident, and President & CEO, EAH Housing, Inc

I have had the good fortune of working with Lisa Miller, founder of Classroom Matters, for seven years as the former Academic Choice Student Support Coordinator at Berkeley High. Lisa conducted trainings to improve study skills for students, educators and parents. She is a dynamic, engaging, focused and witty presenter who manages to impart practical lessons in an interactive fashion. She is highly effective and her tremendous experience as a teacher, tutor, and communicator results in take home changes for students that immediately contribute to better performance.

– Karen Meryash, MathWorks Advisor

I really want to thank you all at Classroom Matters. You seem to all care very much about students’ needs and are very professional and approachable.

– Julene F., Parent

Lisa Miller provided valuable insight and tools—REAL tools that REAL parents can use with their child—to assist them with their studies.   Ms. Miller was generous to present to a group of parents from POISE, Parents of Orinda Individuals in Special Education.  She was well-received in part because she was very approachable and offered honest, manageable solutions to challenges many parents face.  I believe the people who attended her presentation walked away with a course of action…actions that will not backfire with their child when they get home.

– Anna Tague, Co-founder of POISE Parents of Orinda Individuals in Special Education

The study skills workshop given by Lisa Miller and Tatiana Guerrero Ramos of Classroom Matters to students and parents at King Middle School was terrific. Even though the time was short, they passed along a huge amount of project planning skills to the participants, and directly involved them in the learning process. We were so thrilled that we intend to invite them back and hope to include them in our regular parent education series. I highly recommend them.

– Christine Staples, President, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School PTA

For over 10 years, Classroom Matters has consistently provided my students with excellent academic support in the areas of tutoring, supervised study, and development of study skills. Classroom Matters Foundation has also been a lifeline for my pro bono students in need of scholarship tutoring. CM gets my highest recommendation for being caring, dedicated professionals genuinely interested in seeing every student thrive and reach their potential.

– Wendy E. Morrison, Independent College Advisor, College Choices

Thank you Matt and Classroom Matters for helping Olivier during supervised study. You have turned homework from an anxiety provoking ordeal into a manageable task by providing a calm, respectful and supportive environment. He is now a much calmer, happy and self-confident child. Supervised study really works! Thank you!

– Adina N., parent

We so appreciate Meg’s work with John.  He won’t let us help him but will gladly study with Meg.  If he gets through this semester, Meg’s influence on John will be a strong factor.  He not only likes her but will make an effort for her, a combination not always found between John and his tutors.  Our only regret is that we didn’t find Classroom Matters before this year.  Your work with John helped raise his SAT score significantly and get him through a really bad case of senioritis.

– Bishop O’Dowd parent

[Vanessa]’s doing such a good job with Lily who now has an A- in Mr. Henri’s Honors Algebra II class.

– Andrea M., BHS Parent

I’ve been working closely with the Classroom Matters tutors since September 2011. I want to commend them to you. I’ve been speculating that you must have quite a discerning process for hiring and/or offer some quality training. Meg, Matt and Cherilyn have been invaluable resources for many students at our school. They’ve also been super-friendly and helpful to me in my capacity as coordinator.

– Mr. Macon, teacher

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the tutoring my son received. I contacted you just a couple of weeks before finals and you provided exactly what he needed – a game plan, more confidence and some subject specific tutoring. He does not have all his grades back but he thinks he got As and Bs on all of his finals. He was more confident and felt more prepared than ever before.  Thanks very much!

– Marianne L., Bishop O’Dowd parent

We really love this new format for tutoring session reports! It’s great to hear what Anna’s talking about, how motivated she is (or not), and what she’s succeeding and struggling with. We really appreciate the time Matt takes to write these. Anna looks forward to seeing Matt every week and he’s been helping her SO much. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!

– Eric Ettlinger, parent

My daughter has been working with a CM tutor for two years now. In the past, she struggled with math; not because she had limited aptitude but because she was beginning to doubt herself as many middle school girls do. She was competent, solid even, but not confident in her skill set. She worked with Matt, who had the right amount of ease of banter and seriousness of intent. They got down to business, learned a ton of math and at the same time, had a super fun time at it. The consistency and content support that he gave my daughter was stellar! I would highly recommend CM if you have a child struggling with academic confidence in a subject that your child might be competent in on the books, but lacks a sense of real internally-felt success. My daughter now has that sense of success and it is showing up not only in her grades, but in her enjoyment of math. She is soaring right now and got a 100% on her last big math test!! Thank you CM. Thank you, Matt!

– King Middle School Parent

Hi Hilary,
It’s the girl you helped last summer to write the really long essay relating pop art and fashion during the sixties. I wanted to let you know that I got the results back and I got a  100% on it!!! I just wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with me working on it, you were extremely helpful and I appreciate all of your effort.  Thank you for everything!

– BIHS student

I really appreciate the support and feedback from Lauren and Classroom Matters!  So glad we started when we did. Talia’s grades have improved in such a short period of time so I know we are at the right place. Thanks,

– One happy parent!

Thank you all for your comments, observations and collaborative work.  We are so grateful for the communication and for your dedication to our daughter’s mathematical development.

– Tehiyah Day School parent

Dear Classroom Matters:

My daughter enjoyed her tutoring session with Isaac very much, and was thrilled to earn an A- on her math test the day following tutoring. She also told me how warm and welcoming the staff were, especially when she didn’t know where to go or what to do. Now she feels very comfortable at your facility.

– BHS parent

I am very encouraged by the progress he is making at Classroom Matters.  His attitude has improved so much and he seems quite content to go there for his work.
I know the noticeably friendly reception he gets from you and the staff has really helped make a difference. See you soon.

– John, parent

We have truly appreciated Classroom Matters this spring. Thank you to both of Maria’s tutors for helping her with Calculus. She definitely improved and was much more confident in that class!!! I also appreciated the updates I received from you letting me know what info had been covered and my daughter’s progress.

Thank you also for your flexibility in scheduling. With Maria’s Softball schedule being variable it was nice to know that you were willing to work around it!! We highly recommend your services!

– Diana, BHS parent

Classroom Matters is a wonderful tutoring center located in South Berkeley. A very supportive and young staff and enjoyable place for students to hang out. They start with an intake interview of your student to help understand their mode of learning and/or study skill habits.

– Anne, Oakland Tech parent

I’m grateful for all the tutoring he received – I think it made it possible for him to bit by bit learn to organize himself around his learning disability and know that he could learn even the most challenging material. His tutors had faith in him and trusted his intelligence.

– Jane, Maybeck parent

Thanks so much for your help throughout the many years. She ended up with a 3.6 gpa and over 1940 on her SATs which gave her more choices than we had imagined during her middle year struggles through which you were so helpful.

– Elizabeth, Bishop O’Dowd parent

We are very grateful he had Classroom Matters to help him through some of his academic challenges, and to support him throughout high school. Pedro is very fond of Classroom Matters and very thankful to all of his great tutors; please send them all warm regards. Once again, thank you for being flexible with our budget, and for giving Pedro such a wonderful study environment.

– Vanessa, BIHS parent

I also want to give you some input from Adam. Adam has told me that he feels he has learned more from Yania in the few weeks that they have worked together than he has the entire school year. I think this is because Yania is helping him to understand it, not just trying to remember it.  He feels that he can ask her pertinent questions, and she can answer them for him in a way that he can understand.  She is also providing him with “test taking” strategies (which is where he has the most problems). I think that her teaching style is a good fit for Adam’s learning style.

– BHS parent

Our daughter is now a freshman at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She ?was awarded the Chancellor’s Scholarship, making it viable to pay out-of-state tuition. Having great SAT and ACT scores made this possible, and the help she got from Classroom Matters when prepping for the tests made all the difference. When she first came to you she was flunking AP Physics and AP Calculus. She ended up passing both AP tests with 3s. Classroom Matters really made a difference in her life — thank you!

– Barbara, BHS parent

My family had a great experience with Classroom Matters. Here is my daughter’s recommendation for Lisa Miller:
”I took AP French at BHS last year and took the AP test. I was tutored by Lisa Miller at Classroom Matters once a week during the whole year, and it definitely helped me to improve my French skills and become more comfortable with the language. We would do reading homework together, which was helpful for succeeding in the class, where there were many native French speakers. When I didn’t have homework, we worked on test prep for the AP test. Lisa knows the BHS French teachers and has worked with both AP and IB students before. Classroom Matters is on Sacramento Street, just a 10-15 walk from school. The environment of Classroom Matters is friendly and easy to work in, and there were times when I stayed later after tutoring and got a lot of other homework done, as well. Overall, I’m really glad that I went to Classroom Matters and worked with Lisa. I not only got a good grade in the class and a good score on the AP test, but I also feel much more confident in my ability to speak and understand French.”

– Judith, BHS parent

I also want to thank you and the Classroom Matters team again, for all the support and Edward’s mentoring of Will throughout this year– it has been invaluable. He really enjoys seeing Edward every week and coming to CM.

– Amy, parent

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