Classroom Matters’ tutors are indeed the “Best of the Bay!” We hire experienced and proven tutors from top universities in the United States and abroad. In addition to a thorough background check, we provide intensive and ongoing training in our philosophy and approach to learning. Our tutors are dedicated professionals who are passionate about working with and supporting young people. Every Classroom Matters staff member receives ongoing training on how to support students with learning differences and cultivate executive functioning skills. Read on to learn more about them, or click here to read about our directors.

AdamAdam Bredenberg is a Philadelphia native transplanted to East Bay soil, a constant explorer and adventurer, and an aspiring writer and video game designer. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013 with a Bachelor of Philosophy in English Writing and Literature. His peripheral studies included art, philosophy, psychology, urban studies, film, and economics. After college, he joined the Peace Corps and served in the Republic of Namibia, in southern Africa, teaching English, Basic Information Science, and Art. While not wrangling scores of children into improved reading and writing, Adam found time to build solar ovens, explore the country, and eat several species of exotic animal (ethically). Since returning to America, he’s crossed the country by car, worked in an electroplating workshop, and, lately, started selling freelance services as a tutor, writer, and editor. Living in the East Bay, Adam stays busy cycling, learning the guitar, and working with First They Came for the Homeless to fight for the rights of unsheltered people.

Adam tutors reading, writing, English, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, earth and environmental science, biology and physics, beginning Spanish, SAT prep, and executive functioning.


A south Sacramento native, Amanda Burke is a graduate of UC Berkeley, with majors in Art and American Studies and a focus on Race, Culture and Identity in Urban Schools. She has taught art at various elementary schools in the East Bay, worked as an illustrator for the Daily Californian, and co-taught a children’s literature writing and illustration class. Amanda is grateful to have worked with local programs that prioritize under-served youth, social justice, and community involvement.

Amanda strives to be a compassionate ally to her students. She seeks to help her students uncover opportunities for critical thinking and unconventional learning in everyday life. As an educator, she acts as a facilitator, engaging student interests and providing the support they need to become empowered, active learners. In her spare time, Amanda likes to scavenge for and re-purpose street finds, get lost in new videogame worlds, read children’s literature, cook cheap and delicious food, explore the Bay via walking and public transit, and of course, make art.

Amanda is Co-Director of the CM Afterschool program and tutors K-8 reading and writing, as well as AP English, AP US history, AP world history, and executive functioning.

Ariana Frazier graduated from Occidental College in 2012 with a B.A. in English and Comparative Literary Studies and a minor in Asian Studies. The Berkeley native recently moved back to the Bay from Japan, where she spent four years teaching English. Ariana’s interest in education first began in high school when she tutored in a local afterschool program. She continued working with children throughout her college years. Afterwards, her love for travel and wanting to learn more about her family heritage led her to Japan. Ariana is working towards becoming a teacher as well as studying to become a Japanese-English translator. When not working, you can find Ariana traveling, reading books and manga, watching anime, cooking, and reacquainting herself with the lovely Bay Area.

Ariana is Co-Director of the CM Afterschool program.

Aronpreet Atwell was born and raised in the East Bay, having lived in Newark and gone on to attend UC Berkeley, from whence she graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology. She began tutoring elementary- and middle-school students while she herself was in high school, and knew that she wanted to continue tutoring as much as possible. Her experience in instruction includes academic tutoring, helping lead martial arts classes, and informing medical patients about proper post-procedural care. Her passion is helping others learn and grow however she can. Although she is drawn to the sciences, Aronpreet also has a passion for languages, including Spanish and Classic Latin, as well as music, cooking, and literature. Outside of the classroom, Aronpreet can be found spending time with friends and family, reading articles on the most recent findings in biological research, and continuously discovering new cafes and bookstores around the Bay Area.

Aronpreet tutors K-5, humanities, math, statistics, biology, all levels of Spanish, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.

Chara Prescott recently moved back to the East Bay from the Sacramento area and is pleased to once again call Berkeley home. Chara lived in a few different places before settling in the Bay Area, including Arkansas, North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and can speak conversational French. Her passions include cooking/catering, live music, hanging out with her family, and especially working with children. Chara is always excited to take on new challenges and is constantly amazed by her three incredible children.

Chara teaches in the CM Afterschool program and also teaches Afterschool Spanish.

Dasha Zaytseva was born in Russia and raised in California. She currently resides in Oakland and considers herself a Bay Area native. Despite having two physicist parents, she grew up having no interest in studying science. She graduated from San Jose State University, where she initially pursued a degree in psychology. It wasn’t until she took a physiology class that she discovered her love of science and decided to change her major to biology. While there, she also discovered a passion for research, and spent over 3 years studying the sensory nervous system. Her research opened up a world of opportunities, including a scholarship to study neuroanatomy in Germany and being published on the cover of Nature Neuroscience. In addition, Dasha began tutoring to help her fellow college students and share her experiences. After graduating, she decided to give back to her community by tutoring low-income, underprivileged high school students in the Oakland School District. She found that she loved to help students, like herself, who struggled with science courses to realize that science can actually be fun and interesting. In 2017, Dasha was awarded a fellowship from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine to pursue her master’s degree in molecular biology. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and reading.

Dasha tutors anatomy/physiology, biology, chemistry, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.


Derek Burle, a Los Angeles native, grew up knowing he wanted to be involved in both science and music. Derek also felt drawn to math, despite the fact it was always a very challenging subject. He had to work hard to master concepts, and with the help of a tutor, his efforts paid off in high school. Derek went on to study Earth Science at UC Santa Cruz and began his music career there as a bass player. As a many-year, veteran CM tutor, Derek has worked with students in math, science, history, English literature and writing, executive functioning and test prep. Having struggled through math classes in high school, Derek has invaluable insight into how to teach difficult concepts to students who are having trouble grasping material. In addition to Derek’s work with CM clients, he is a gigging musician, and a music teacher specializing in guitar, bass and ukulele. When not at Classroom Matters, you can find Derek playing the bass, at a concert, rock climbing or riding his bike.

Derek tutors chemistry, physics, environmental science, math up to pre-calculus, statistics, ACT/SAT test prep, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.


Dominique McLean is an East Bay native, raised in Hayward, and a Bishop O’Dowd alum (Go Dragons!). She has recently returned home after spending over a decade back east. She has a BA in Spanish from Hampton University with a concentration in business, a certificate in Spanish Translation from American University, and her Teacher’s Assistant certificate from the City University of New York.  She started tutoring in the foreign language department during undergrad, taught adult ESL in Washington, D.C. and New York, and spent the last seven years tutoring, teaching, and mentoring. Her strengths lie in student empowerment, individualized instruction, and building a solid foundation for her students. When Dominique isn’t tutoring, you can find her reading, marathon training, spending time with loved ones, and exploring the Bay Area.

Dominique tutors all K-8 subjects, Spanish, high school English, algebra 1, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, general test prep, college applications, and executive functioning.


Though Dounia Lomri was born in the Bay Area, she actually grew up right outside of Paris, France. She attended NYU and had a blast exploring New York City during her time there. Since graduating, Dounia has lived in Guatemala, Argentina, Chicago, and Austin before moving back to the area and even though she is happy to call Oakland home, she still has the travel bug! Dounia has been teaching for years now and loves supporting students and their communities as much as she is able. In her free time, she loves to go running around Lake Merritt, reading books, and cooking delicious and hearty meals.

Dounia is the Assistant Director of Enrichment and also tutors English, U.S. and world history, psychology, environmental science, Spanish, French, and executive functioning.


Gabriela Bennett moved to the Bay Area three years ago after doing her freshman year at New York University. She has since continued her studies here in Berkeley, where she is working toward a degree in either psychology or education. Gabriela has loved working with kids for years. She comes from a large family and has been babysitting since she was practically a kid herself. While at NYU, Gabriela worked as an AmeriCorps member, working with a program called Jumpstart whose mission was to foster language, literacy, and social-emotional skills in youth from New York’s Lower East Side. It was there that Gabriela realized how much she loved working with kids in an educational capacity. After moving to the Bay Area a few years ago, Gabriela did another AmeriCorps program, this time working as a youth development worker at an elementary school in East Oakland. When she’s not working, Gabriela can be found spending time with her family, reading, enjoying the beautiful Bay Area views or trying out new ways to tame and love her curly, curly hair. Gabriela began working with Classroom Matters as a Spanish and Afterschool Program teacher, and was soon named Director of the Afterschool Program. She has since stepped down from the role to focus on her studies, but is still available to tutor Spanish.

Gabriela tutors K-5, reading, writing, English, Spanish, and executive functioning.

Gia Park grew up in both Korea and Pennsylvania and enjoys traveling to various countries. She is a third year undergraduate student studying Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley and after graduation next year, she plans to take a gap year before furthering her education in medical school. When she tutors, Gia enjoys getting to know students and puts a strong emphasis on mentoring. From years of freelance tutoring, she recognizes that students have different interests and learning styles so she tailors her sessions to match each individual’s learning “wavelength” and to foster the student’s interest in the subject. When Gia’s not studying or tutoring, she can be found anywhere on Earth serving on medical mission trips with Medical Servants International or photographing wild animals in her free time.

Gia teaches writing, English, math, biology, physics, psychology, ACT/SAT test prep, and executive functioning.


Born in Los Angeles, Isabel Avila spent her entire life in Southern California. It was not until she was accepted to UC Berkeley that she stepped outside the familiar and had the opportunity to explore beyond those boundaries. She is currently in her third year as an Intended Psychology major and Global Poverty and Practice minor, and is still deciding what exactly to do after college but is focusing her major in the Developmental field. This summer she had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Mexico, spending half the time getting to know the rich history of Mexico City and the other in the gorgeous city of Oaxaca.

Isabel teaches Afterschool Spanish and tutors K-8, English, reading, writing, history, middle school math and science, Spanish, and executive functioning.

James Chen is pursuing a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), as well as Business, as a first-year student at UC Berkeley. He was born in Houston, TX, but has lived in Salem, OR for the past 10 years before coming to Berkeley. Growing up with three younger sisters gave James an opportunity to tutor starting at a young age. His sisters have played an enormous role in shaping James’ teaching. In high school, he tutored his peers in pre-calculus and calculus, and co-taught a class in VEX Robotics his senior year. James strives to inspire students around him in the same way his parents, coaches, and teachers have inspired him. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, soccer, exploring the outdoors, and single-digit addition.

James tutors physics, all levels of math, ACT/SAT test prep, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.


John Ku graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Cognitive Science. Having grown up with a little sister, John got an early start in tutoring. He likens the task of teaching to a puzzle, whose solution comes as a result of a clear, thorough explanation. Solving the puzzle is rewarding in itself, but seeing students rejoice in learning something new is what John finds doubly-rewarding. Especially knowing he had a hand in the learning. John aspires to be a teacher – to mentor and inspire young minds as his teachers did for him. Whether he manages his own classroom in Fremont, CA, where he grew up, or elsewhere, is to be determined. In addition to teaching, John enjoys strength training, playing the saxophone, solving Rubik’s cubes, and playing competitive Smash Bros.

John tutors all levels of math, Mandarin Chinese, the Python and Java computer languages, writing, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.

Kelly Wong recently graduated from UC Berkeley, where she studied Cognitive Science and Math & Science Education. She has taught 6th grade science in Austin, TX, and Art and English in Hong Kong. She discovered her love of teaching and working with students while teaching Public Health in college, and is now working towards her math teaching credential. Kelly is patient, engaging, passionate about learning, and has experience working with a diverse group of students. She loves all things dogs, desserts, watercolors, riddles, and watching movies that make her cry (happy tears).

Kelly tutors English, math, and executive functioning.

Kristi Lentz-Taylor is a transplant to Berkeley from northwestern Washington State. She is a certified teacher and holds two degrees in elementary reading and literacy instruction. Then she went to Venezuela and became proficient in Spanish! Upon returning to the U.S. with a passion for Spanish and Latin American cultures, she taught Spanish to high school students for nearly a decade before moving to the Bay Area to study philosophy and theology (at the Graduate Theological Union) alongside an Ed.D. program in international and multicultural education with a focus on second language acquisition (at University of San Francisco). She is passionate about the Spanish language, guiding students into proficient communication, and incorporates into her instruction the principles of joyful language immersion learned while teaching at Concordia Language Villages. When she’s not teaching, you can find her going to talks and lectures in this amazing intellectual vortex of the Bay Area, studying social issues affecting Spanish-speaking communities, exploring the beautiful vistas of the Bay Area with her husband, practicing ayurveda and organic living, or participating in English-Spanish language/culture exchanges with immigrants from Central America and Mexico at a non-profit in Oakland.

Kristi tutors K-8 in all subjects (especially reading, phonics and writing), English, Spanish, psychology, and executive functioning.


Kyle Lee was born in Berkeley and grew up in the Bay Area. He graduated from Boston College with BAs in Psychology and Philosophy. He is currently teaching hip-hop dance at the East Bay Dance Center and worked for the Summerfuel program as a dance instructor. Kyle has also combined his passions of travel and education, teaching English, art, and music in a Chinese village. Whilst there, he learned the valuable lessons of managing students and the art of eating noodles. As a veteran tutor, he not only enjoys helping students understand material, but also pushes them to become self-motivated learners and loves working with students in all capacities.

Kyle tutors algebra 1 & 2, geometry, English, reading, writing, and executive functioning.


Kyle Moses loves math and science and wants to share his enthusiasm for these subjects with everyone he meets. He believes they can provide a perspective of the world that is both illuminating and empowering. He recently graduated from UC Berkeley with bachelor’s degrees in physics and astrophysics, where he was fortunate enough to study both the very large, e.g. supernovae and galaxy formation, and the very small, fascinating world of quantum mechanics. He has been a private tutor for 10 years and really enjoys delving into and exploring topics with his students. In his spare time he does a fair amount of math and physics, but also loves to read, write, play video games, watch movies, skateboard, play the piano and ukulele, rock climb, and go backpacking through nature.

Kyle tutors reading, writing, and English for K-5, all levels of math, AP chemistry, AP physics, astronomy, computer science, SAT/ACT test prep, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.


Larisa Shaterian is an MA student at UC Berkeley studying Folklore. Her research focuses on political uses of memes on Twitter. She holds a BA from NYU in Media Studies and Arabic. Larisa’s lifelong interests include writing, gardening, and ritual in theater spaces and church spaces. She trained in Shakespeare for two summers at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has a tendency to integrate as many theater games as possible into her teaching. More recently, she has developed an interest in sewing.

Larisa tutors reading and writing at all levels, AP English, AP US and World History, AP psychology, French 1-4, ISEE (lower level), and executive functioning.

Laura Deneckere was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and completed her B.A. in Biology from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. After that, she moved to Seattle to serve with City Year Seattle King County, an AmeriCorps-aligned education non-profit that focuses on bridging the achievement gap. Currently, Laura is completing a Master of Public Health in Infectious Diseases at UC Berkeley. In the future, she hopes to pursue a doctorate degree in Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Laura believes that every child has the ability to succeed no matter what. She encourages her students to take charge of their own learning, and creates a fun environment in which to learn and grow. In her free time, Laura likes to hike and make smoothies!

Laura tutors K-8, reading, writing, English, anatomy, biology, algebra, geometry, and executive functioning.


Megan Susman is a native of Los Angeles, and hopes you won’t hold it against her. Since moving to the Bay, she has tried to integrate, including two summers of working at Camp Kee Tov, as well as investing in a North Face jacket. She recently graduated from Mills, earning her MFA in Prose, and previously received her BA in English from UC Santa Cruz. Between her two degrees, Megan spent a year abroad in Israel, where she worked in a petting zoo on a kibbutz and in a kitchen in Tel Aviv. Her approach to tutoring involves a lot of patience, positive feedback, and most of all – fun! She hopes to instill her love of words, literature, learning, and intellectual risk-taking into others.

Megan tutors writing, English, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning. She can also help with college applications.

Meiming Wang is originally from Gansu, China. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from Sichuan International Studies University. Meiming spent three years teaching mathematics to elementary students, and Chinese to foreigners with Teach For China. Outside of the classroom, Meiming co-founded IntoTheClouds, which is an American/Chinese organization that brings Chinese and American students to rural Chinese communities to perform social impact projects. Her interests include solving jigsaw puzzles, traveling, and cooking.

Meiming teaches Mandarin.

Rafi Susman is a third-year San Francisco State University student pursuing a major in Kinesiology. He is an active member of the Strength and Conditioning Club and is in the process of starting a Scrabble club. Rafi was a counselor at Camp Kee Tov in Berkeley, and worked as a merit badge instructor at FLSR in Big Bear. Rafi can deadlift 295 pounds and cook a mean steak. His hobbies include taking care of his succulent garden, writing jokes, and water drinking contests with himself. Rafi believes that curiosity is a gift, and learning how to find answers is as important as the answers themselves. Rafi’s dream is to travel to Italy after completing his undergraduate degree. Grazi! Arivaderci!

Rafi tutors K-8, reading, writing, English, math and science.


Richard Jimenez is from the Central Valley of California, raised in a town where there were more cows than people. Following high school, he left his agriculturally-based community for the fast-paced Bay Area to pursue an education at UC Berkeley. He is currently a sophomore double majoring in Integrative Biology and Psychology. Richard is an aspiring sports medicine surgeon with a strong passion for the sciences and sports. He loves learning anything that will give him a deeper understanding and appreciation for how the world works and loves being able to help students in their own pursuits. All throughout high school, he made it a priority to help others in their academic endeavors and has tutored students since. In addition to tutoring, Richard also serves as a mentor for college-bound students. During his free time, he loves to play soccer, go running, and discover new things around the Bay with friends.

Richard tutors math up to calculus, biology, chemistry and executive functioning.

Robert Veres has happily called the East Bay home all his life, and sees no reason to change that anytime soon. He is a fourth-year student at UC Berkeley and is completing his BA in Neurobiology this semester. He hopes to eventually be involved in research to help push the edges of the large frontier of knowledge about the brain, especially in the study of emotion. With three years of tutoring experience, Robert prefers a more personal, laid-back approach to teaching. He feels this creates a less rigid, less school-like environment, so students feel less pressured and more willing to learn. When not tutoring or nerding out about the brain, you can find Robert listening to music, playing basketball (go Dubs!), running, learning to play bass left-handed, or in search of an adventure somewhere.

Robert tutors biology, chemistry, and physics, all levels of math, ACT/SAT test prep, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.


Rosalind Diaz is a Ph.D. candidate in English at UC Berkeley. She grew up in Colorado, both her parents are mathematicians, and she has a fondness for math problems, especially geometry. Previously, Rosalind studied English at Yale University, where she concentrated on Shakespeare and early modern drama, and worked as a costume designer for stage plays. Currently she is working on a dissertation on narratives of alien invasion in contemporary science fiction. Rosalind also enjoys hiking and camping in the beautiful Bay Area. She loves teaching more than anything! When she’s not tutoring with CM or teaching composition at UC Berkeley, she is often teaching gender-neutral partner dance classes. Her tutoring style is mindful, responsive, and student-centered.

Rosalind tutors math through pre-calculus, reading, writing, literature, French 1, SAT, ACT, and executive functioning.

Berkeley native Ryan Soe shares the same first name and birth hospital as Steph Curry’s second daughter. While attending Berkeley High School, Ryan first learned how challenging this school setting could be, while at the same time discovering how amazing real learning could feel. After years of haunting the local downtown area, Ryan opted for new experiences, leaving home to attend UC Santa Barbara, from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2017. While at UCSB, he helped teach chemistry at local high schools and worked with elementary school students helping them design their own science experiments. Ryan also taught general chemistry to college students, using his enthusiasm and down-to-earth-personality to make chemistry relatable to all students. Ryan’s biggest passions in life, in addition to science and education, are music, food, and sports. He can spend hours examining the stats on baseball references or discussing Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics.

Ryan tutors K–8, reading, writing, biology, chemistry, math, and executive functioning.

Samir Hossainy is a third year Bioengineering and Materials Science and Engineering student at UC Berkeley. His inspiration for tutoring comes from his love of math and science. Samir strongly believes that no student should ever feel afraid of, or shy away from, these subjects because of their apparent difficulty. He encourages kids to take on each new challenge as an interesting puzzle just waiting to be solved. During his free time, Samir enjoys running, swimming, working out, and exploring the various restaurants around downtown Berkeley. In the future, he hopes to pursue a doctorate degree that will allow him to fuse concepts from both engineering and medicine in order to push forward the fields of healthcare and biotechnology.

Samir tutors biology, chemistry, physics, high–level math, and executive functioning.

Sarah Verley is a certified teacher and a new resident to East Bay. She completed both her graduate and undergraduate studies at George Mason University in her home state of Virginia. While teaching elementary school, she discovered her passion for rock climbing. Through rock climbing she got involved with other quirky activities like slacklining and highlining, which introduced her to the endless adventure opportunities offered on the West Coast. A nature and outdoor enthusiast, Sarah is inspired by her new surroundings. Most recently she discovered a passion for nourishing and cultivating a green space and watching it blossom. But her first love was for education. She believes the foundation of education begins with building and fostering relationships. Personalized learning was at the heart of what she did in public education for students kindergarten through sixth grade. She is excited to help students of all ages grow and deepen their knowledge of the world.

Sarah tutors K-8, reading, writing, English, US and world history, psychology, and executive functioning.

Though Shana Rocklin grew up in sunny southern California and studied psychology at UCSD, she traded beach weather and flip flops for the chance to follow her high school sweetheart (now husband) to the quirky Bay Area. She is a Certified Horticulturist as well as a Nutrition Educator/Counselor, but most especially treasures the past four years of adventures-in-homeschooling shared with her now-teenaged son through his middle school years. It was during this experience that she developed a deep respect for all those who support learning whether they call themselves teachers, coaches, tutors, mentors, or otherwise reach out to share their passions with others. Shana loves to garden, snuggle with her dog, cats, and chickens (!), read books, rollerblade, and hike in the hills.

Shana is our Operations Manager.


Shashank Patil  just completed his undergraduate work at UC Berkeley with degrees in Molecular & Cell Biology, Integrative Biology, and Psychology. He’s currently applying to medical schools so that he can one day become a physician (fingers crossed). He’s a product of the bay as he spent the majority of his childhood getting into shenanigans in the suburbs of Fremont, California. In his free time, Shashank loves to dance, sing, play the Indian drums (Tabla), play basketball, and go to music festivals. Shashank has been tutoring consistently for the past four years and has enjoyed every moment of it. He loves to learn & hopes that he can convince the students he tutors to love it as well.

Shashank teaches high level science & math, ACT/SAT test prep, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, English, Spanish 1-3, and executive functioning.

Soung Bae Kim is a first-year student pursuing Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. He was born in South Korea and moved to Los Angeles, with no English knowledge, in first grade. After a year, he moved to Cypress, CA, where he lived until he moved to Berkeley this past summer. Soung Bae is very STEM-minded, with a strong interest in physics, and an uncanny ability to explain terminal velocity. He loves to create diagrams and drawings so his students can visualize concepts they are struggling with. Soung Bae tutored extensively in high school, including in AP Physics, and loves to see the smiles on students’ faces in that moment when something clicks. Outside of the classroom, Soung Bae likes to run, snowboard, work out, practice his kendo, and play the saxophone.

Soung Bae tutors chemistry, physics, all levels of math, ACT/SAT test prep, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.


Tatty Klass is a certified teacher and graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in biology. Before teaching, she worked in science research, first studying phosphate levels in Lake Tahoe and later studying western honey bees in Rehovot, Israel. Tatty went on to receive her teaching credential for science grades 4-8 in Austin, Texas. Since then she has tutored grades K – 12, science to middle students since 2013, and math and reading at the high school level. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, cooking, and crafts.

Tatty tutors all types of elementary and middle school science and executive functioning, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and available for in-home tutoring only.

Tyger Cohen was born and raised in Berkeley and Oakland. Born into a family of educators going back two generations on both sides, he’s worked as a tutor for seven years. He was the project manager for the Bishop O’Dowd Chapter of Eye to Eye, a nonprofit that promotes self-advocacy in students with learning disabilities through creative art projects. Always with a spirit of adventure, Tyger participated in ecology-based science trips to Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, and to Baja Mexico to assist in research. He has also traveled throughout Europe, especially in Germany, where he holds citizenship. Tyger just moved back to Berkeley from San Luis Obispo, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Food Science. He hopes to attend culinary school next year. Tyger enjoys exploring food, doing Krav Maga, and competing in video gaming tournaments.

Tyger tutors humanities, biology, chemistry, physics, math through pre-calculus, Spanish, ACT/SAT test prep, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT,  and executive functioning.


Yania Escobar started working at Classroom Matters in 2009 while completing her bachelor’s degree. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in interdisciplinary studies: a self-designed major in which she combined neuro-biology, anthropology, and psychology. Yania has worked as a tutor since high school and continued to fuel her passion in college where she earned a minor in education. Her thesis focused on whole-body learning and cultural education. She is a native of Uruguay and has been in the U.S. for thirteen years. Mindfulness and restorative justice have always been an integral part of Yania’s approach. After college, she participated in a yoga teacher training and a yoga for youth module. In addition, she has taught Capoeira to children of various ages and afterschool Spanish classes. She enjoys working with youth of all ages in small groups and individual settings. Outside of work, Yania likes to read, ride her bicycle, draw, and explore nature.

Yania tutors English, history, science, math, Spanish, HSPT/ISEE/SSAT, and executive functioning.