Primary (K-5) Program

Programs and services for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade at Classroom Matters:

We offer tutoring in the following academic areas: reading, phonemic awareness (letter/sound correlation), handwriting, writing skills, writing mechanics, math, science, social studies, organization and study skills, test-taking strategies for the classroom and for standardized tests.

A selection of leveled children’s books, reference materials, math manipulatives, and a library of reading, writing, and math curriculum materials.

Individual Tutoring
At the elementary level, most of our tutoring is done at the individual level. We find that students really respond to our one-on-one approach. Our tutors are quick to build a rapport with each student and to discover each child’s learning preferences. Many children do not get individual attention in a classroom setting. Seeing a tutor one-on-one can be highly beneficial.

Reading is a complex process, and a vital skill. Our tutors develop a program to address the unique needs of each child. We work with students to help increase phonemic awareness, strengthen word attack skills, expand sight word vocabulary, and increase reading fluency. We also focus on reading comprehension, teaching skills that good readers need to make sense of what they read.

Gone are the days when students learned math by rote drills. These days, math class explores a wide variety of problem-solving strategies and traditional algorithms. It can be confusing for students who do not have a strong conceptual understanding of the material presented, or for students who struggle with learning their math facts. At Classroom Matters, our tutors help demystify mathematical operations for students. At the conceptual level, we use manipulatives and creative exploratory curriculum to help students develop a more concrete understanding of operations. We also help students develop automaticity with their math facts, because being able to call up number knowledge quickly and automatically is an important skill in preparing a child to be successful in higher level math.

Our tutors help students learn how to organize their thoughts and put them down on paper. Whether a student is struggling with his/her first research paper, or procrastinating over the monthly book report, we can help. We break the process down into manageable pieces. We help student learn to pre-write, create outlines, revise, and edit their work.

For more information, please email or call Classroom Matters: (510) 540-8646.