Supervised Study℠

After-school homework support with a healthy dose of study skills

Classroom Matters offers its signature service: Supervised Study℠. We provide a supportive, structured environment to help students with the daily responsibilities of homework and study habits.

  • Sessions run daily: Monday-Thursday 4:00-6:00pm.
  • Sessions are supervised by experienced and trained supervisors (who also tutor) at our center.
  • Friendly accountability helps students remain on track and get help when needed.
  • Resources include high speed internet access, a bank of computers, and a library of books and textbooks.
  • Healthy snacks (available for purchase) and comfortable couches and chairs help keep the environment inviting and relaxing.
  • Flexible scheduling.  Have a question? Drop in and get an answer!

How it works

  • Students are greeted by one of our fabulous tutors, who help them settle in for an afternoon of productive studying.
  • Using CM’s own interactive planner, tutors do a class-by-class inventory of what is due and when, what tests students need to prepare for and what projects they need to work on.
  • Tutors help students to develop a game plan for how they will spend their time, teaching time management strategies and helping students to prioritize their work.
  • Students are encouraged to use their planners, log on to school web sites such as PowerSchool and Schoology, and to be accountable for their own learning.
  • Tutors check-in regularly to answer questions, monitor progress, check work and facilitate well-earned breaks.
  • Students leave having completed all (or most) of their work and feeling good about their efforts.


  • $75 $80 weekly, for unlimited access
  • $25 $30 for daily drop-in

While some students choose to come to Classroom Matters for Supervised Study only, many of our clients use it in conjunction with individual tutoring sessions once or twice a week.

For more information, please email or call Classroom Matters: (510) 540-8646.