Our guidance. Your home.

So often we hear from students that they struggle to get started on their work, or stay focused or manage their time effectively – sometimes all three! They confess/admit to being disorganized, unproductive and distracted by “everything”.

Most of these students have not taken a critical look at their study environment. They do not have the scaffolding they need to work productively.

Classroom Matters HomeWorks to the rescue! We come into your home, into your student’s room, evaluate the environment, and then show your child (and you!) how to create and maintain a productive study environment at home. Drawing from our successful Supervised Study™ program, we teach them proven strategies for managing their time and workload.

What to expect

  • A learning preferences assessment so that together we can design a space that caters to their learning strengths
  • A pre-questionnaire designed to help suss out/determine what is working/not working
  • An initial home visit (up to 2 hours), during which time we will help set up a productive learning environment, and do some guided practice using our Supervised Study™ worksheet (which you get to keep!)
  • A list of suggested changes/additions to your child’s room, with resources for accessories and/or furniture we recommend
  • Two (2) follow up visits (15-30 minutes each) to check on student progress
  • A post-questionnaire designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the new study environment


  • $350 includes all of the above services
  • Subsequent visits are billed at the in-home tutoring rate of $100/hour

To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us by emailing frontdesk@classroommatters.com or by calling 510-540-8646.

“I have to tell you that what you did for our daughter last year has been life-transformative. She is handling her homework planning pretty much completely on her own, and can clean up her room and desk in under half an hour. It’s just amazing.”

-Happy Parent

“The advice and support we received from Classroom Matters was tremendously helpful in establishing structured, productive study habits for our teenage son at home. Lisa understood the challenges we were facing and helped us with specific study tools and parenting suggestions. Her expertise has been invaluable in minimizing the nightly power struggles and guessing games over homework. “

-Parent, King Middle School