Math Club

Classroom Matters is thrilled to be offering an afterschool Math Club for the 2015-16 school year. Through games, group work, and team and individual competitions, Math Club will provide enrichment, encouragement, and math fun once a week onsite at your school. CM’s highly-trained and engaging tutors will teach, challenge, and nurture your numbers-crazy student!


  • Number of classes depends on enrollment, with a variety of age groupings and levels. Class availability will depend upon sufficient interest.
  • Classes are open to all students, including those enrolled in the BUSD after-school program (fees are additional). Note that by enrolling in the Math Club, your child might miss some club activities.
  • Classes are on Wednesdays right now, but scheduling can be customized to the community’s needs. There will be no classes on school holidays and during Teacher Conference Week in the fall.
  • A CM staff person will supervise students after school dismissal until Math Club begins. (Parents are encouraged to pack a snack for kids not enrolled in BUSD Learns).

Want to bring Math Club to your school next year? Email us and we’ll work with you and your school to build a program that’s right for your community!