Afterschool Spanish Program

The CM Afterschool Spanish program is a learning journey for kids in grades Kinder through 5th. Our program can be customized to fit the needs of the students and parents and is an opportunity to engage kids in learning about the Spanish language and the cultures of the countries where Spanish is spoken. Using best practices from a variety of second-language teaching strategies, we provide a foundation of basic Spanish phrases and vocabulary. Through movement, Total Physical Response, song, music, art, and reading and listening activities, our students learn to speak, read, write, and love the Spanish language. The biggest goal of our program is to expose our students to the language in an engaging, play- and project-based environment. Our teachers are native or near-native speakers, or have minors or majors in Spanish ā€“ and they are all passionate about the language. They all have previous teaching experience and receive ongoing training in classroom management and effective teaching strategies. No previous knowledge of the Spanish language is necessary. Curiosity and a willingness to learn are!

We currently have programs at Thousand Oaks, Rosa Parks, Washington and Cragmont elementary schools in Berkeley; Joaquin Miller in Oakland; and Pleasant Valley Elementary in Novato. To find out more about our Spanish enrichment classes, or to explore bringing our program to your school, please contact Tatiana.

“[My daughter] was one of four kids to MC the Cinco de Mayo assembly at TO this morning (reading Spanish and English), and I believe the only non native Spanish speaker…we were so proud of her, and of course so grateful for the (four?) years of Spanish instruction she’s now received through Classroom Matters! Thanks so much to all of you who have helped her get this far with her Spanish — it was a very gratifying/wonderful parental moment to witness.”

-Tanya, Parent

“[My daughter] was angry and terrified about starting this class (she doesn’t like trying new things for fear of not doing well, or it being too hard for her), but she is starting to show off at home what she knows in Spanish, and I see her feeling more empowered. I’ll be very interested to see how she evolves with it over time. So far so good!”

-Abigail S., Parent

“Classroom Matters brought Spanish classes to English speaking students at Thousand Oaks School. The after school Spanish classes have helped to build a bridge between cultures in our community. My two daughters have learned from caring educators who have a good sense of the interests of the students and provide opportunities for learning Spanish that are engaging and useful. My children love their teachers and have built a foundation of Spanish that I expect will open doors for them in the years to come.”

-Liz H., Parent

“Last night I asked my daughter, ‘Por que no comiste tus zanahorias?’ and she answered, ‘no me gusta el color’. (They were purple carrots.) I asked what color she likes and she answered correctly ‘naranjado’.”

-Whitney M., Parent