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At Classroom Matters we’re always keeping our eyes open for new ideas about education and learning, and we love to share what we’ve found with you! We also post articles about teen trends and other good-to-know tidbits.

NPR’s Unlocking Dyslexia series explores the most common reading disorder, including perspectives from scientists, teachers, parents, students, and a handful of dyslexic artists.

This blog post gives the perspective of a parent sending an LD child to college.

A BBC story discusses a report saying that play boosts children’s development and happiness.

Six Keys to a Classroom Makeover talks about six important points to consider when designing a learning space.

Want Your Child’s Teacher to Listen to You? provides a helpful tip for communicating with others (not just your child’s teacher).

Why Do Americans Stink at Math? discusses the problem of innumeracy and explores one method of teaching that could help eliminate it.

Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation outlines 8 tips for speaking and listening that teachers and tutors (and parents!) can implement to help students learn good conversational skills.

15 Sites and Apps Kids Are Heading to Beyond Facebook lists 15 popular apps and websites and outlines what parents need to know about each.

Better Ways to Learn provides strategies for studying more effectively.